Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Gift of Image

© Laura Marshall 2006. All rights reserved.
This painting is called The Gift, and is the work of Laura Marshall who has been very kind in allowing me to use some of her art in my blog. Stay tuned over the next weeks for more. Some of Laura's work can also be seen in card form at Pomegranate Cards, in addition to private collections around the world. She has also been a dear friend of mine for almost 30 years. Laura's work always makes me sit back on my spiritual heels. She makes me wonder. Her work has hidden stories, mysteries, layers.

One of the things I wonder about is how certain artists "get" a certain vision that is not shared by anyone else. Laura gets some kind of wild and wonderful taproot into the archetypal universe. Georgia O'Keefe got to see the secrets of flowers. Guernica could only be done by Picasso, and once you have seen a Magritte you pretty much recognize the next one you see by him.

What is it that gives certain artists, poets, musicians, writers, architects some unique and identifiable take on the Universe? Georgia O'Keefe followed the image she had of natural sensuality - or did she? Maybe it gripped her and would not let go until she honored it.

This is more than just cultivated style.

Is there a relationship between our artists and our prophets? Does God gift each of them with a specially focused view of the world? How does the life lived alter that image - or does it?

I am coming to believe that images are gifts -- that certain people are given one set of images to see, and others are given an entirely different set. I'm willing to bet that my friend Laura couldn't see her way to paint Guernica any more than Picasso could see his way to paint the image above.

If this is so, is it true for more than just the creative among us? What if each one of us is given a gift of a fragment of the universe to see that is uniquely our fragment? What obligation do we have to telling our truth?


Blogger Maggie Rose said...

oh Mata I truly believe that each of us does have a unique gift and that our very life journey is discovering what it is and how to express it...sometimes the gift might be a creative one such as painting or drawing...but others might have a gift of speaking or assisting other people...there are so many gifts that are dad was a farmer and loved the land, and then he had to leave that lifestyle behind; I always suspected how deeply he missed that creative element of plowing and planting in the privacy of his heart.

hmmm. I wonder if I've gone off the original topic of what you intended for your post. *pardon* if I have.

Maggie Rose

9:28 PM  

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