Sunday, April 02, 2006

What Can be Sold - What Can be Bought

© Laura Marshall 2006. All rights reserved.

This is Laura Marshall's painting called "The Cormorant Seller". Whenever I post one of Laura's paintings, I always feel that I am introducing you to a dear friend. I point to her work and say -- "Look at what my friend sees! Here, here is her heart for us all to behold!"

Whenever I get together with Laura, I am greedy to have my eyes bathe in her work. She will ask me quite humbly if I am sure that I want to take the time to look at her sketches, and I fall over panting at the opportunity. It is as though she has this window that only she can look through, but she paints what she sees so we can all get a glimpse. That is the artist's gift and the artist's burden. To see beyond and to see rightly. And then to expose the seeing.

This is the same process as the process of faith and action - to see beyond - to see rightly - to expose the seeing.

I find myself using the language of faith and spirituality when I talk about art, whether it is Laura's or anyone else's. I talk about vision, and being true, and serving that truth.

But I am wandering from the Cormorant Seller, and I want to circle back to him if only for a moment. I love that he sells what is free. The birds, after all, are not bound. I wonder what he charges for one of them -- perhaps something, perhaps nothing - but for freedom? Perhaps everything.


Blogger Maggie Rose said...

oh I do like that painting very much. and to use words of faith and spirituality when describing art sounds spot on to me...creativity is such an integral part of being human


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