Friday, May 05, 2006

Mother's Day Blues

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
A long way from home
A long way from home

Yes, as the spiritual says, I am feeling like a motherless child these days. Mom passed on in 1995, and Dad in 2005. But with the onslaught of Mother's Day media, I am always blue with missing her. She was a great gal. So I am sure that a few of the days between today and Mother's Day will contain posts here about her.

But oh how weary I get seeing and hearing ads about what to buy Mom for Mother's Day, or where to take her or what to send her or say to her. I get so tired of the emails about Mother's Day deals.

I actually sent an email back to an advertising company the other day asking that they no longer send me Mother's Day promotions as my Mom has passed away. Someone wrote back and said they couldn't do that, they could only remove me from their whole list. Fine. Remove me.

I don't expect the world to stop because my parent died. And, I'll do something in Mom's honor on Mother's Day -- although I have not decided what.

I just am made much more aware of others who, like myself, have a certain sadness on certain holidays. So to those reading this whose mothers are no longer here, I share a prayer and an embrace.


Blogger Lost said...

I know what you mean. It seems cruel that they go so hard core on moms day advertising. I only feel this way because mine is gone. When she was around I was glad they did because I would always foget. The world should just revolve around us lol

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Pat Z. said...

Mata, My mom lived a healthy old age and passed away quietly at age 100, still miss her so much 10 years later, that if I see someone at the shopping center that reminds me of her, I will feel the tears starting up.

The mother's day solution I have found is to send a card to a friend or two, to celebrate them being a mother. Also have a sister still living to send cards to and my daughters, that helps.

9:09 AM  

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