Friday, June 23, 2006

Weekend Wanderings

I am about to pack up the car and scoot off to Massachusetts, to my little home town in the Berkshires. It promises to be an interesting time....and I am not sure how interesting yet.

A few years ago, six years after Mom died, my Dad sold the family house. Many of my Mother's antiques came to me, their only child. (To say this is a long and complex story is a massive understatement. It is full of familial Sturm und Drang, the details of which I will spare you.) In any case, as all this was done rather suddenly, I managed to get what I could into storage locally with the help of some dear friends. There it has sat. My legacy, or what I could salvage of it. Over time it has become the "Mata Albatross". It is too far away for me to do anything with -- I do not have room for it here -- there is no way to manage its disposal well, etc etc.

Along comes inspiration -- an old childhood friend, who collects and sells antiques, whose mother was also an antique dealer. I had lost her number; she had divorced and remarried; contact was impossible. I "accidentally" was glancing thru my Mom's old phone book and Eh Voila! there was the number. To make a long story an inch shorter, I now have the name of a reputable estate auction house that my friend used for her own mother's estate.

So this weekend I will check out one of their auctions and begin the sorting process of my mother's things - with an eye to keeping maybe 5-10% of them at most -- but to do that I have to go through all of it and make decisions. This will take a lot of weekends. And I am sure I will run into an emotional landmine or two, but I will have nearby friends who are dear and nurturing should that happen.

And so it begins - the last bits of closing of an old life in preparedness for the new. The proceeds of the auction will be my "grubstake" for a move to Arizona next spring.

Wow. There are just moments when life feels so real - so purposeful. Living life deliberately is a powerful experience. But first I have to spend some time with the ghosts of Christmases past.


Blogger samtzmom said...

Be safe dear friend, and know that prayers ascend to help you weed through it all to get to that 5-10% keep mark without too many tears shed. Hugs!

6:58 PM  
Blogger The Harbour of Ourselves said...

Whenever anyone mentions 'the Berkshires' i always think of Sweet baby James....'they seem dreamlike on account of that frosting'...a song about journeying and maybe even coming home to ourselves

journey well

3:49 AM  
Blogger Rainbow dreams said...

Thoughts from here, Katie

11:39 AM  

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