Sunday, September 10, 2006

Make Over -- Moving On -- Unearthing a Dream

We must either find a way or make one. -Hannibal

I have been thinking about my future. Or, rather, thinking about The Now. I am a consultant, and have been for about 6 years. I chose this way after deciding that I had enough of corporate life. I have done well at it, not elaborately, but well enough. It has also allowed me large blocks of time when I can decide to do things like drive around the country for 3 months -- a luxury never available to me in corporate life. I work mostly at home.

If you had asked me 7 years ago if this would have been possible, I would have told you that it was neither possible nor desireable. Basically, it was not in my "coinsideration set" so it was not even on the map. If a friend of mine hadn't pushed me to speak with someone who had a consultant position open in England for a year, I never would have started. England was the lure, and off I went.

Lately I have been attending to the disposition of two storage units of antiques located 200 miles from me. I have let the effort to acquire new consult projects lapse as I deal with this, just riding along with a couple of ongoing small projects that give me a bunch of spare time.

OK..enough background. Me. Consultant. In NJ. Driving back and forth to Massachusetts dealing with stuff. Wanting to move to AZ or New Mexico eventually. Needing income and needing to settle this estate. I've been going to auctions and am disappointed with the prices that I see things being sold for.

Suddenly I realized that there is an option that I might not have considered. I could move to Massachusetts and sell the estate items myself over ebay and get several times what I would get at auction. This would take a year. . . to move, set up 'shop' and to get it all disposed of.

I could move to Massachusetts -- that would solve so much. (My residence here in NJ would just not work..even if I transported all the antiques here -- it is just not practical for such an endeavor.)

Ok so I am thinking about that -- and marvelling that it did not cross my mind sooner. I think it would make my life a lot better.

While in that state of wonder I was doing some research on the net and came across the Peace Corps site. I started sighing to myself about how I had always wanted to serve with the Peace Corps. About how now it was too late. Then I noticed the whole section they have about senior volunteers, and how they have volunteers in their 80's!

All of this hit me like a brick -- what I had seen for myself over and over again in my life had been too small to hold the real possibilities.

I am not saying that I am about to run off with the Peace Corps -- although someday I might. I am saying that I need to Dream More Largely.

Just think of the top best five things you may have thought of doing in your life, that you have not done -- what is standing in the way? Will it be in the way forever? Why not do what your best and highest dreams tell you?

And so, to whomever reads these words, I lovingly wish BIG DREAMS, expanded horizons, a widening of possibility and a resurgance of life-invention!


Blogger beth said...

This is very exciting, Mata. I can't wait to see how life unfolds for you in the coming months...

Good idea about moving to Massachusetts, I think. I'd do it!

9:27 PM  
Blogger samtzmom said...

You amaze me friend! Yes, Massachusetts! Yes eBay! Take matters into your own hands. Thanks for the reminder to keep dreaming BIG.

6:36 AM  

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