Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Racism and the Election

The overt and covert racism in this campaign morally offends me. And it's morphing into a sort of surrogate -- religious intolerance. That religious intolerance is a thin proxy for the underlying racism. I wrote an article about it on Blogher called Racism is a Soul-Eater and God doesn't like it either."

One of my co-editors, Nordette, posted a list on her own blog of racist events in this election.

BlogHer editor Maria Niles, posted two brilliantly written pieces about this called The Political Rhetoric of Race and Racism Invokes Historical Perspective and Potential Backlash" and Racism and the race: What's white privilege got to do with it?>

Nordette also has written a very fine piece on BlogHer called America's Dark Night of Soul: I'll Take Hope Where I Find It For Now.

Please do check out the fine writing and research by Nordette and Maria.


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