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If there ever was a time to wish, it is now. Here we are at the first day of a new year. The world is about as ready for better wishes as it can be. So let's explore the power of a wish -- or a prayer -- or whatever you call a deeply held positive intention that you offer out into the universe. For me, that's a prayer. For others, a wish, a hope, a dream. It all comes from the same place -- the part of us that wants things to be better.

Imagining a better future has power. It helps us set goals, helps us not give up, helps us not listen to those who say "It is not possible." If we can imagine it, envision it, hope for it -- it is possible.

Whether we ask for the help of a Higher Power or of the Universe or of the collective unconscious, there is power in the asking. Framing the thought of well-being, seeing a future with positive change in it can help make that change possible.

I heard someone say once (I have forgotten who) "It is not 'I'll believe it when I see it' that is true, but rather 'I'll see it when I believe in it.'"

So I am going to set you a task.

Please make three wishes for 2010.

One for the world.

One for someone else. (Just use their initial, or the letter X if you do not want to publicly state their name -- that is often the wiser choice.)

One for yourself.

Make those wishes and then take a few minutes to really feel them. Pray them. Sense them. Feel them. Meditate on them. Whatever suits your spirit, do. Do what it takes to center in on them and really focus on your best intentions.

Now, release them as active hopes in the world.

Tell us how if felt?

Here is my list. Please join me with yours.

For the world: My wish is that we wake up to the fact that we are all connected, all part of the human family, all beholden to each other, all responsible for each other's well-being. It's a bold wish. I wish it anyway, with my whole heart.

For someone else: A. is dying in Florida right now. He has had a long and full life, and has decided to let go because his recurring and painful cancer is now definitely terminal. His wife, J, is by his side. I wish them whatever peace they can find, whatever comfort is possible. And I wish an easy passing for A. It could happen any day now, any hour.

For myself: I've had some health issues this year. I wish myself improved health and vitality.

So that's my list. Starting a year with wishes is a good thing. It helps me focus on what matters most, what is essential in my corner of the world. Wish with me please -- three wishes that can change the year. Begin anew with wishes from the soul.

Is it hard to wish for yourself? I found it easier to wish for others, for example. Push through that resistance and just wish for it. Whatever your "it" is.

Be bold in your wishes, now and through the year. Take your imagination out for a walk through the greenest pastures that you can imagine. Let your dreams soar. There is going to be plenty of time for practicality, concern, hard work, goal-setting, risk-taking and all the daily worries of life. But for right now, live in the wish=space. Imagine what you want. Point your heart in the direction of a better world for yourself and others.

My wish is also that 2010 brings you peace and joy.


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