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Part of the Passover liturgy is the singing of festive Passover songs, one of which is called "Dayenu" (pronounced Dye-AY-nu) in which the many blessings of G-d during the Exodus period and beyond are recounted with joy and thanksgiving - an acknowledgement of the startling abundance of G-d's love pours through these words - listing a total of 15 blessings, each one of which concludes with the phrase "It would have been enough." And then another blessing comes. That would have been enough, but then another and another and another come in a shower of huge blessings from G-d. The music is lively and can be heard in midi form by clicking here. It delights me to hear it and sing it each year. May it also bring you joy. Some of the translated lyrics are below.

...If He would've provided for us for 40 years, and not fed us with the Manna, it would've been enough.
If He would've fed us with the Manna, and not given us the Shabbat, it would've been enough.
If He would've given us the Shabbat, and not brought us to Mount Sinai, it would've been enough...


Blogger Maggie Rose said...

Enough. a most serious religious message, imo. the Jewish culture leads us where we need to follow with this Dayenue.

as always, thank you mata for the information you share. I always learn when I visit your blog.

blessings, Maggie

6:48 AM  

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