Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Liberal ? Conservative? Unite for Our Vets!

It doesn't matter whether one is liberal or conservative. The following will and should upset you. The current administration has formed a commission investigating how to save funds by REDUCING the benefits for Disabled American Veterans. Read up on this - put some phrases into google like :
vets disabled reduction benefits commission

You will find what I found - a number of vets groups who are outraged at the current administration for this act of betrayal. Yet our TVs and radios are silent. Non military bloggers are silent. Do your own investigation -- don't just take my word for it. Benefits for the disabled vet and family death benefits for the families are in danger of further reductions. Is it not enough that the Bush administration has shut down so many VA hospitals?

Check out these sites :
1. The actual commission - look at their meeting notes - not much there because they have decided that they will have closed door meetings.

2. A very articulate essay about the issue from a veterans's perspective.

3. An online petition that asks that the cloak of secrecy be removed.

Please sign the petition. You know that what is going on is not right. Please speak up about what is happening. We are Americans -- we know better than to sit still for this. Our nation stands for better than this. Even if you are a pacifist (and I darn near am) , you and I both know that our servicemen deserve better than this.


Blogger The Harbour of Ourselves said...

remarkable how we treat good men who fought a bad war....

3:49 AM  
Blogger Grant Miller said...

Thanks. My wife's a vet! I will show her!

7:50 PM  

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