Thursday, August 03, 2006

28 Things I Gotta Do

1. Get more active in trying to defeat the efforts of the Bush administration.
2. Water the plants.
3. Finish the book about my mother.
4. Finish the loosely fictional story of the heroine who is a lot like me but of course, isn't. Well, not entirely.
5. Find enduring love.
6. Go to the post office to pick up whatever package awaits me there - don't forget to bring the claim check.
7. Mail Bob the gunbelts. (relax, I got them in an auction box lot when I bid on binoculars. My friend is a target shooter.)
8. Take out the trash.
9. Become one with the universe, if only for an instant.
10. Make the bed.
11. Donate more to charity.
12. Discover the deepest meaning of forgiveness. Then do it.
13. Get laundry done.
14. Lose weight/get in shape.
15. If I don't find enduring love, at least let me not think what is not enduring, is.(see #12)
16. Buy stamps (see #6, #7)
17. Sort through the rest of Mom's antiques which are in storage, getting them auction-ready or move-ready. Try to get this done and settled before snowfall.
18. Meditate/pray more often.
19. Deal with calloused heels. (not a reference to #15)
20. Pay parking ticket.
21. Tweeze.
22. Arrange for another couple of days with godson. Great guy.
23. Read more blogs. Comment on screen not just in brain.
24. Spend more time imagining an abundant and happy future.
25. Round up more consultant work.
26. Blog about more serious things.
27. Do not surrender to anyone else's despair.
28. When in doubt, let it go.


Blogger beth said...

Oh, girl, this was GREAT! Thanks for what was probably the ONLY authentic smile that cruised across my face today...

And good luck with all that...

You like making lists, don't you?

11:38 PM  
Blogger samtzmom said...

29. Remember what a wonderful, caring, insightful soul you are and how you enrich so many lives.

Love and many, many hugs dear friend

7:07 AM  
Blogger Rainbow dreams said...

You know - this is a great list :)
Some things I could do with adding to my own "to do" list!

Best of luck with it

11:33 AM  

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