Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Super Soups

My friend Jayne, who loves home-made soup, was just complaining about how hard it is to cook from scratch. Here are a few easy easy easy soup recipes.


1 Chicken. Put in large soup kettle.
2 cut up onions. Add to soup kettle.
1 lb carrots, unpeeled. Cut in chunks, add as above.
1 finger-length pice of fresh ginger, cut in half lengthwise. Add.
3-4 stalks celery, cut up. Add.
some cheery green herbs..I like parsely and dill m'self. Use your imagination.
salt and pepper
Add water to cover. Bring to fast boil. Slow down to a simmer. After about an hour the chicken will be cooked. (You can tell, because when you stick it with a fork, the liquid that comes out is clear, not pink.) Pull the chicken out of the pot. Take the meat off the bones and put that back in the pot. Cook, on simmer, covered for a couple of hours. Add water once in a while. Serve plain or with noodles.

Hint on fat: The easiest way to remove fat from a meaty soup is to let it cool in the fridge. The fat will rise and harden. Lift it off and *poof* all gone!

POTATO SOUP (great for cold nights)

Boil 6-8 peeled potatoes, Big 'uns.
And a chopped up onion.
When potatoes are done, drain, but reserve the water.
Mash potatoes/onions til soup-like with the water in which you have cooked them.
Add salt/pepper. (chopped fresh Parseley and dill are optional but nice)

To serve: Here is the magic. Place a handful of grated cheddar cheese (orange) in the bottom of each bowl. Pour soup over the cheese. At the table, have a bowl of chopped up red onions and a cruet of red wine vinegar. The soup tastes best with a dollop of red oniuons and a splash of red wine vinegar to taste. Trust me -- this soup has always gotten rave reviews, even from the doubtful.


The basics:
1 bag dried green peas
1-2 chopped onions
4-5 cut up carrots
2 stalks celery, cut up
salt, pepper

Put in water, simmer, when the right consistency has been obtained, eat.

The Options to be added when cooking:
Cooked Ham, cut up -- with or without bone.
Fresh green herbs.
chopped cabbage.

Option after cooking:
Throw it all in a blender to get it super smooth if you like it that way.
A dash each of sherry and sour cream when serving.
Croutons on top -- big chunky ones.



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