Wednesday, January 17, 2007

bye bye Prissy Missy

Well, the bid I made on the house was not accepted, and I have no way to counter. Here is why. The house was originally put on the market with 4.2 additional acres attached. But, at a high asking price aimed at developers, there were no takers in this market. So in August they split the parcel into one land lot of 4.2 acres, and one house with .8 acres of land (with an option to add on more land).

It was the latter upon which I placed my bid, but with no extra land.

Apparently a competing bid came in with mine, but the competitor also offered to buy the 4.2 acres of additional land with the house. That was the bid accepted by the seller. I have now withdrawn my bid, and we are back to Ye Olde Square One.

There are a couple of other houses to look at, so I am back up into New England on Sunday (as Saturday is my birthday, and I have plans.)

Sigh..oh well, the Universe must have something even better in mind...


Blogger Martine said...

Yes, you will find something better. And no, we never expect to have to start over at any age, but we do and we can and we survive.

Life is a learning experience... Sometimes, I would like to know how the story ends but well... surprises are more fun... good luck to you.

7:06 AM  
Blogger The Harbour of Ourselves said...

starting chapters and beginnings....walk on friend, walk on

7:03 PM  

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