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Friday, January 11, 2008

It's been a while...Moving Right Along Here

Well, I moved ..yahooooo! My computer did not make the switchover with much grace, and the local cable company refused to link with it as it had an "antiquated operating system". So, I had to buy a new computer -- this time a loverly MAC!! I've been plying catch-up ever since. So let's do that now, here as well.

I moved to Massachusetts at the tail end of a blizzard. The snow in my driveway had been plowed and was about two feet high around the yard. I was surrounded with cardboard boxes and had a friend here to help me get past the first swing of unpacking. Two days later I had a workable kitchen and a manageable bedroom and paths around the rest of the house.

Then came Christmas. More unpacking. New Years. More unpacking. Then it was time to empty the 3, count 'em THREE storage rooms that I have been renting. So just when things actually semed to be taking shape here, I moved in the monsterous load of things from storage. Most of it is Ebay-food, which is the point of saving it. But now my basement, my large back room and a small storage room have gone from pristine to packed, and I still have to settle the livingroom with a combination of mine and the family furniture. It will be fun, it is just taking a while. I do look forward to the day when my day will not be "about the move'. That won't happen for a while, so I am doing my best to savor the steps in the process.

Yesterday, when my garbage disposal backed up and flooded my double sink, turning my kitchen counter into a version of Niagra Falls, was not among the best days. I found a good and fair plumber who fixed the blockage today..and all the problems it was connected to...and who took away the garbage disposal. I am better off without it. I'll compost now.

So things are taking shape and adjustments are getting made as my new life starts to form.

I love that friends have already just stopped by, that I ran into someone I knew from childhood who was taking a walk past my house yesterday, that another old friend has come over to help a few times --- and suddenly I am aware that I moved into a functioning community with people here that I care about who also care about me. It is a lovely feeling, lovely indeed.
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