Sunday, June 22, 2008

Zoe the Wonder Dog -- I wonder what she'll do next?

Well, Zoe is having one adventure after another. Her vet visit was remarkable. She howled like a banshee who was being clawed apart by meathooks when the vet tried to insert her microchip. The vet laughed and said to me:

"I want you to notice two things -- first, Zoe's tail is wagging. Second, I have yet to even touch her with the needle!"

Zoe the Drama Queen.

Ah, she is a pooch of many personalities. The pooch who decided the trash can was a treat barrel is named "Princess Hairball". That is her alter-ego, one she rarely inhabits, especially now that I have purchased a different kitchen trash can with a pedal and lid.

She loves company -- and cons them into taking her for walks by gazing at them and her leash back and forth until they ask me if I mind them walking her. In this manner she gets to display her treasures to the neighborhood -- her Danny, her Holly, her Sandy.
Yes, all that touch her become hers, drawn in by the spell of her little black eyes and winsome look.

She has learned to play with toys -- She has demolished the Blue Elephant of Terribleness, ignores the You-Can't-Fool-Me Rubber Hamburger, and enjoys bouncing around with the Friendly Teddy Bear. However the Mean Duck Toy gets trashed around frequently, but its elemental nature appears to not have changed.

She doesn't like "doing her business" if the grass is too long or if it is wet. This is "Princess Zoe" in full effect. Trust me, she eventually works it out, but she is not happy about it and gives me bad looks throughout. She does act like she has a Regal Butt Which Must Stay Dry.

At night she curls into a ball and dozes off nestled in the crook of my arm. It pretty much melts me.
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