Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The best quote of the month

I was having a long chat with a dear friend who has just turned 68. I'm 60. We started to review a few past relationships that did not work out, and we were laughing at how foolish we may have been, but what adventures we had in our lives. (And what joy we continue to discover!)

Anyway, my friend paused and said words that sum up my life to date. She said :

"Well, my choices may not have all been good, but they certainly were interesting!"

I laughed until my sides hurt. That was such a fine way to see things, even relationships that did not work out.

I know the Chinese are said to have a multi-sided blessing, that can be taken in many ways..."May you have an interesting life!".

But, all things considered, no matter what life has sent me, at least I have not been bored. And that is a dandy thing to be able to say!
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