Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lee , rest in peace

Today I got the news that a former friend from Beliefnet bulletin boards, Lee Davenport, had committed suicide. I cannot second guess what drove him to it, nor should I try. We all have secret dark places that haunt us, some with soft voices, some with shrill. In Lee's case, the voices must have drowned out everything else, and he is gone. And we all look to ourselves wondering if there was something we could have done.

I know the truth is that we could not have. Lee was surrounded by people who loved him, cared for and about him; but when someone kills himself, it isn't about a shortage of people who love him. It is about a deep tear in the fabric of hope -- in the ability to imagine a better time. It is about being in such pain it has to stop.

Please pray for his children, B. a young girl and I. a little boy -- and for D. his wife. May they all find peace.


Blogger Jayne said...

I've cried several times. It's just so very sad. I ,too, hope he is at peace finally. Blessed, deep peace...

7:01 AM  

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