Saturday, May 23, 2009

4 birches with a side of rocks, please

This is it -- my new clump of birch trees. They will have the guy wires on them for their first month here, until they settle in. They are in my yard as part of a housewarming gift just now activated --- from my beloved friends John and Mark. I have always dearly loved birch trees. They have a special connection for Mark and John as well, so they are the ideal front yard tree addition here.

My first year here was all about the interior space. Now I am planting -- digging in -- bit by bit.

And this tree is the delightful beginning. The stones around it came from the hole dug for its roots. My yard is a New England rock farm. It has long been rumored that rocks are the #1 crop in NE, and I can vouch for the verity of that.

It gives me such joy to look out of my window and see these sweet trees every day.


Blogger Jayne said...

They are gorgeous, and look simply perfect right in that spot. :c)

6:07 PM  

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