Monday, December 20, 2010

The holidays are almost upon us

I am stunned that this year I have actually been organized. With any luck at all I will have a hassle free holiday. Can it be true? Can I really have shopped early, gotten my cards out, made a zillion lists? I may have one last push of details tomorrow night before the cooking extravaganza starts Wednesday, but by and large I am doing OK.

I have had my family on my mind for a few weeks -- moreso at holidays now that they are gone. I find trinkets that Mom liked, or hear carols that Dad used to sing, and I am transported back to those days of wonder. Everything was made special in Mom's house. At Christmastime it was HER house, not ours. She decorated with whatever we could buy or make. Money was very tight, so we improvised with what we had. It never felt that we were poor, although we surely were. It just felt like an adventure.That was my Mother's particular magic.

So I am organized and sentimental this year, waiting for the glorious birth of the wondrous Child that improvises with who we are to make us more than we thought we could be.

Love to you all on this holiday.


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