Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zoe and the delivery guy

I was having something delivered this week, and the delivery guy could not have been more unpleasant. He was grinding away about his lousy job, horrible boss, bad weather, etc etc. I apologized for the weather, said I was sorry his boss was so mean. I offered him iced tea. He didn't like iced tea. Then he saw my dog, little Zoe the bichon.

"Does that dog bite?" he asked gruffly.

"No, she is a sweet little gal," I replied.

He then started petting her. This is what he had to say about my dog.

"Oh, da pitty widdle girl. She's a sweetie pie, yes she is, ditty ummm mum, widdle sweetie pie snookie poochie. What a good girl."

I was in shock. Then he picked up his clipboard, started complaining again and left.

I looked at my sassy little dog who by now was sitting on my bed, gazing out the window at her departing latest conquest, looking smug.

"OK, girl tell me," I asked her. "How the heck do you DO it???!"

My dog has the power to beguile. Big guys, little women, children, adults, old, young. She has them bringing her toys (my roofer did that), inventing games with her (a friend who never had a pet), buying her treats (several friends). Somehow this rescued pooch has the power to bring out love in people, softness, affection.

Is it her eyes, her fluffiness? Or is it something deeper, perhaps the willingness to accept love?

Or maybe it is how charming she looks after playing in the mud?
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