Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An Alphabet Meme

Tip of the mouse to Tawonda for this one :

Accent: Indistinguishable. I have lived too many places in the east/west/midwest. I sound like a radio announcer.

Booze: Sometimes wine. Rarely.

Chore I Hate: Let me count the ways. Ironing - ugh. Trash hauling - ugh. Vacuuming - ugh. (get the idea?)

Dog or Cat: Neither today, but I do want a big ole funky pooch.

Essential Electronics: computer, CD players (car and home), clock-alarm.

Favorite Cologne(s): Jaipur by Boucheron when I have $, Chanel 5 when I feel nostalgic, my own mix of body sprays that have peach/pear/citrus/melon in them.

Gold or Silver: Both. I particularly like silver and turquoise.

Hometown: I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts

Insomnia: I could sleep standing up on a bed of nails in a hailstorm.

Job Title: Executive Consultant

Kids: I was unable to have my own, but I have a superlative godchild!

Living arrangements: arranged nicely - homey and artsy.

Most admirable trait: Steadfastness

(Least admirable trait -- bonus question): snoring

Number of sexual partners: Oh sure, like I'd discuss that out here...NOT.

Overnight hospital stays: Yes,a few.

Phobias: Edges of high places, fear of drowning, loathe mice

Quote: Suffer what there is to suffer; enjoy what there is to enjoy -- Buddha

Religion: Christian, Lutheran with Buddhist and Jewish accents

Siblings: No

Time I wake up: 7ish, then back to sleep for a bit more.

Unusual talent or skill: I can bend my fingers back at right angles to my palms.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Okra, lima beans

Worst habit: putting off paperwork

X-rays: oh yeah. lots.

Yummy foods I make: Polish ethnic fare; great soups - pea, lentil, pumpkin, chicken, minestrone, cold carrot soup, borscht; Portuguese fish stew; fabulous salads; my Mom's meatloaf recipe

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Feel free to borrow for your own blog.


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