Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Miscellany..unrelated bits

Hi folks -- I am still feeling very punky, and had another doc's appointment last evening. More medicine. More tests. ARGHHH!!! All prayers still humbly and happily accepted. Thank you for your support and affection.

There are some things to post in the meantime until I am at full blathering speed again...little teensy odd bits and bobs..

1. If you want a visual treat that will knock your socks off, and leave you breathless and awestricken, humbled and inspired, check out this link and make sure to view the slideshow. Click here for a visual journey. Thanks to Barb for the link.

2. A friend of mine and I were trying to think of the name for the old fashioned ash trays that used be on a stand. One would have them standing next to a chair in the living room, for example (back in the day before we all knew better.)

3. When I was a kid, my parents had friends from Hungary who used to make a soup from green, unripe pumpkins. It was delicious and I have never been able to find the recipe. Has anyone out there ever seen one?

4. I love this posting which I have lifted wholesale from the Nov 15, 2005 blog of Tale of a Pink Monkey . I have no idea how I happened on this site. Destiny perhaps? Here is her fabulous entry for that day:

What I've Learned from Fundagelicals I Know... A Partial List
1. God is scared of the scientific method.
2. God is a wimp, really. Look at all the places we've "kicked him out" of. Schools, city halls. That's why he needs us to protect him.
3. Christ saves all who trust in him and vote Republican.
4. Christ's love is unconditional, on the condition that you don't smoke-drink-curse-have sex-think too much.
5. The Bible is inerrant and literal. Except for all that stuff about the poor.
6. Many people call themselves Christians but really aren't, because they believe some of the wrong things. We are never, ever those people.
7. Christianity is so unconvincing that we have to legislate it.
8. Our Christian faith is so shaky that we must isolate ourselves from all non-believers to protect it.
9. Christians value life up until it emerges from the womb. After that, it's your problem.
10. Persecution is the existence of people who disagree with us. It must be eradicated.


Blogger beth said...

Still praying for you...get well soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest...

8:37 AM  

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