Monday, January 22, 2007

arghh !!!

There I was getting gas from one of the few full service gas stations in Massachusetts. I handed the young man my debit/credit card. He came back saying there was a problem with the card, and that there was a message to call the bank. I went into the office and called my bank's 800# Unauthorized charges have been made against my account. When The bank asked if I had made a purchase of $3,600 at X company or one of $1,900 at another or $875 at another and so on. They had noticed unusual buying behavior and had shut down my card until they verified the charges. (Bless them). I had been out of town while all this was going on.

I was able to stop approvals on about 5K of charges, but it looks like another 5K may have been approved on my credit card. Tomorrow I go to the bank and begin the recovery process on the latter 5K. This is all happening as I am about to file for pre-approval on a mortgage - just when one wants the finances in stable shape.

I drove home with my stomach in my shoes. At that time I didn't know if they had wiped me out entirely or not. These little shreds of plastic make life so convenient and so scary at once. It is so far impossible to tell who did this, although I am sure the law will try to find out. It could have been anyone -- someone I pad a bill with over the phone (I like to call in payments as it is so much easier), or someone online at or another of the vendors I have used, or a waiter at a restaurant, or someone who picked up a discarded receipt, or just anyone?

I am going to concentrate on my good fortune that it seems we caught them early enough to remedy everything, and I will work hard to not lose my sense of an abundant universe, but it just makes me crazy and angry and ready to sock some miscreant in the schnozzola for causing me such grief. I keep repeating "Whoever did this is a child of God. Whoever did this is a child of God."

But I secretly hope God spanks his sorry ass well and thoroughly.


Blogger Songbird said...

How utterly terrifying! I'm so sorry this happened.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Jayne said...

Oh Mata.... I am like you... it's so easy and so convenient, and we hear about this happening to other people, but somehow when it happens to us, it's even more frightening. I do hope it all gets straightened out.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Evelyn said...

First today I hear a friend seething because her ex-husband resurrected a forgotten credit card, charged $15,000, and now "can't make the payments"....... then I read your post. I'm so sorry this is happening to you!

As for your last statement: Yes, this person is a child of God; and yes, this person is in need of some serious shaking-up!

You (and my friend Kathy) are in my prayers.

12:11 AM  
Blogger Rainbow dreams said...

that is scary - am thankful the bank picked up that something was awry, but hope it all sorts fairly quickly for you

1:17 PM  

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