Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Waiting patiently -- not my long suit

There has still been no word on the bid I placed last week on a house. My realtor tells me that if the house is bank-owned that it can take some time for a bank to reply. We are not sure if this is bank-owned, although a chatty neighbor man led us to believe that it might be. So I wait. I try to not pull my hair out by the roots contemplating a move after 9 years here.

It is a big change I am making -- new home, buying my first very own home, moving, packing, selling off Mom's stuff, changing work life, leaving friends, moving back to a place I have not lived since I was 19...and so on. Yet it all seems right -- scary, but right. I made the decision to move last year in a heartbeat, because I saw forward that it was right. Now I get to laugh at myself for my silly anxieties. It will all work out. It always does -- yet I still put myself through the most amazing machinations.

Perhaps that is part of what our brokenness is - not trusting when we know that it is only through trust in God that there is real peace. I am not suggesting that I should collapse in His arms and let Him deal with the details -- I do, after all, have my "to do list" as part of this faith statement, but I could rely on His support a bit more, that is for sure !!

"I surrender all..I surrender all..." That is one tough task...I'd rather be whistling "I surrender a lil bit...." or "I'll tell you what to do..." Somehow I don't think those are the best choices. DUH.

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Blogger Jayne said...

Continuing to hold my breath along with you that this all works out as it's supposed to.... but also needing to sing along with "I surrender all." :c) Hugs to you friend.

6:49 AM  

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