Friday, July 13, 2007

Maybe a miracle?

My realtor got a call from a realtor last night who is handling a house I bid on last December. They did not accept my bid at that time as they were trying to sell the house and two adjoining lots -- and when I bid for the house someone else bid for the whole package. That fell through and they have been on the market with only a whole-package-deal since. They called my realtor who has stayed in touch -- and told her that they have a bid on the whole deal, but would also entertain my bid on the house. It's hard to figure why, but be it. I have resubmitted and am keeping my fingers crossed.

I've been working hard trying to visualize a great outcome, and I hope this is God's way of saying "Here it is!" and not God's way of delivering another message about the correct management of disappointment.

So I will just stay positive, say my prayers and hope.


Blogger Jayne said...

Oh Mata, I DOOOOO hope this works out for you... I am crossing all my crossables!

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Alice said...

Whatever happens, it will all turn out for the best in the end--always does! Good luck.

11:06 PM  
Blogger beth said...

This has been SUCH a long process! I admire your patience...can't wait to hear the outcome!

10:18 PM  

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