Sunday, September 30, 2007

One reason I fell in love with my almost-house - The Patio

I love patios, and the house I am almost buying has a very sweet one (see pics) that overlooks the back yard - my own little half acre. And the owners are even going to leave the charming retro patio furniture which I love.

I'll have morning-glories climbing up the awning-supports - big pots of flowering things in bright summer colors on the actual patio - and flowering shrubs planted beneath it.

I will be a sweet place to sip morning coffee, read the Sunday paper, enjoy a BBQ with friends. The aluminum awning means I can sit there and be safe from spring showers and summer sun.

It is odd. I have spent a fair amount of time today thinking about that patio and feeling thankful for the settledness that it is starting to represent to me.

One of the tenants in my existing building came to see me about perhaps renting my place when I move. His apartment is in a rather unusual and more public part of the building (long story) and it turns out that here, in this ritzy-ditzy little white-collar town, he has had his apartment robbed twice already.

Time to move on down the line.


Blogger Jayne said...

Love that patio! I can just see you there with your coffee and paper. So when is closing day?

6:17 AM  

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