Sunday, October 07, 2007

Have a cuppa in Retro Heaven

Well folks, this is how the kitchen in the house-to-be looks today -- before my arrival. It has me scouring the web for info about floor tiles, wall paint, cabinetry resurfacing, etc etc. Still, it is a roomy spot, and while my own furniture will be quite different, it is nice to have an "eating nook" to share with a pal or two for a polite cuppa java or tea. The wallpaper must go. It is in flawless shape, but is comprised of rows and rows of lemons. Every room on the downstairs of this house is painted (or in this case, papered) in some shade of yellow. Even the bathroom is tiled in yellow and black. It will be fun making the place my own as the years pass.

I love the homey feeling this is bringing up in me. The feeling that I am making this big a commitment to myself will probably spawn other areas of growth, and that will be loverly, as they say.

In my meanderings through oceans of paperwork I discovered that my bank card had a rewards program associated with it -- I must have signed up for it when I opened the bank account many years ago ...then I just paid it no mind. I decided to check out how many points I had -- and lo and behold! I had enough points to order (immediately!) TWELVE $100 gift cards to Home Depot. The timing could not be better. I am sure HD will suck them up in a whistle, but that is fine. The 1st $1,200 of charges will be courtesy of the rewards program!

I find I am burying myself in the delights of home redecorating -- enjoying colors and textures and dreams of making this place my very own. I think about adding a rescue pooch to the mix when I get the place fully fenced this coming spring and I grow rapturous.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog, and as a former New Jersey resident (now in Sedona, Arizona)I appreciate reading about your trials and observations.
Nice writing!
-- Sunny Schlenger

3:36 PM  
Blogger Jayne said...

What an exciting time to be you! Can't wait to see how this all unfolds as you make it your home. So happy for you my friend!

7:31 AM  
Blogger Grace, Every Day said...

Twelve hundred bucks? Good grief!

Pennies from heaven, girl. Make the most of it.

Sorry about the lemons...the kitchen looks wonderful!

9:15 AM  

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