Friday, April 11, 2008


Hi folks..I have been blogging at BlogHer as Contributing Editor in the Religion and Spirituality section. I'll be getting back here, too, soon. Life is good -- I am settled in to the new house, loving the feeling of home. My house has been full of more traffic in the past 3 months than my old aprtment was in 3 years, which is a huge joy for me. I have already had stay-over guests from Colorado, New York and Pennsylvania. Every day I get calls or visits or take jaunts with friends here. At last I have the sense of real community that I have missed for so long.

Life in NYC can be fabulous, but I am a small town gal at heart, and it was time to surrender my urban anonymity.It had outworn its usefulness.

Anyway, come se my latest post on BlogHer and tell me what you think -- it is all about how I believe we have lost a certain important element of democracy due to our online livs...ah well, cotroversy , controversy! I hope it results in good dialog!!

Hugs to you all.


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