Sunday, November 09, 2008

Monday November 10th -- the 70th annivrsary of Kristallnacht

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It is important that we remain vigilant and not allow the evils of hatred and prejudice to infiltrate our lives on any level. It starts small. Please join with me today in saying a prayer for those who have been affected by prejudice, bigotry and hatred all around the world --- whether it was because of their religion, their sex, their sexual preference, their race, their nationality.

Lord, deliver us from our own evil, our own seeing of people as "other" who are our brothers and sisters in Your creation. Forgive us our sins of exclusion. Bring healing to the excluded and the excluder. Allow us to understand that we are all connected, all part of the same fabric of life, all equally valuable in Your sight. Bring down justice and peace on us all. Restore wholeness and love where there has been damage and hatred. Let us live together as one family -- full of differences that we learn to see an signs of the beauty of a diverse creation.

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