Friday, July 24, 2009

Zoe - Free at Last

As regular readers know, I have a Bichon Frise rescued dog named Zoe. She has indeed found her Forever Home with me, and I am thankful that she lets me live here, too...

The first time I let Zoe in my fenced back yard (I had invested a TON of bucks to fence in a half acre) she found a place she could wriggle through and out. She is adventurous.

She is also a digger. Loves to dig.

So, to keep a 16 pound dog in my yard, I had to employ methods normally used for penning wolves.

Imagine chain link fence. Then imagine a wire mesh fencing material that is two feet wide. Bury a foot in the ground,alongside the chain link fence, and attach the top foot to the chain link with wire. And spend more money getting THAT done. Digging had to be done amidst tree roots, rocks, etc. Nothing is simple here, folks.

Remember -- a 16 pound FREE dog.

Who just had her annual physical $100 plus dollars.

And surgery to remove a suspicious-looking growth ($500) that is (Thank God) benign.

This is also a 16 pound dog that pouted and ignored me for a couple of days after the surgery. I must have seemed like a "Bad Mommy". But finally she jumped on the bed and wiggled up next to me.

She didn't like the surgery. Nor did she like the sock she has had to wear on her foot (with tape to hold it on) to keep her from scratching her incision raw. I did get cute pink, white and lavender baby socks, but fashion be damned. A dog in one sock? Not a fashion statement. Se honestly gives me a bad look when I have to change the sock.

I love free dogs.

Anyway, this bundle of repressed energy got her ya-ya's out BIG TIME when she ran free in the yard for the second (but finally safe) time.

She rocked.

She rolled.

She nuzzled in the fresh dirt.

She scoped the perimeter of the yard for an exit route.

She dug herself a kind of nest in the dirt, and plopped herself down in it.

And I love her. She is part of my life, and I a part of hers. If she wants dirt, well honey, have at it. Knock your pink sock off, babes.

And at the end of it all, when she came onto the back porch at last, this is what my snowy white dog looked like. Can you say, "Bath time"?


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