Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mood swinging upward

Today I feel hopeful and growing in health. I feel like I am trying to turn around the Queen Mary in mid ocean, but I need an improved disposition and am determined to have it. So there. Thanks to friends and folks who have messaged or emailed support. Big kisses, too.

To renew health, one must renew spirit. Getting the blues will only stand between me and health, so I am focusing on all those things I can do and do have, and feeling thankful. After all, the doc had said that my original illness was life threatening, so I really shouldn't complain that 3 weeks later I am still on oxygen. The doc is hopeful that I can get off it. I would have rather he said that he "guaranteed" it -- but he didn't. Big deal. I should slap that me in the butt and remind myself of grace and goodness.

So I am doing lung exercises (yogic) and taking care of myself. And feeling thankful, un-whiney and largely un-blue. Maybe that it why it is called "the pink of health" -- because it isn't blue?

Last night when I went to sleep I told myself that I had the right to be blue, depressed, self-absorbed, scared. But that by morning I had to wake with a plan. And a better mood. And I did.


Blogger Jayne said...

And isn't that just the key to everything in life pretty much? We get to decide, each day, how we will let it affect us. It's so simple and so brilliant really. Love to you this day.

6:46 AM  

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