Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pooch Trauma

Well, my darlin' pooch, Zoe, had to have surgery to have a growth removed from her left shoulder. Having had two dogs in the past with cancerous growths, I didn't want to ignore the fact that this growth was expanding -- so it was time to get it cared for --- fortunately it turned out to be benign. But now I am dealing with a confused dog who doesn't understand why she has a 6 inch in diameter shaved circle on her back, a 14-stitch incision, and a shaved mid-leg(that held the IV tube).

She hurts, and she doesn't know why. For the 1st four days she has been on pain pills. They end today. She'll be on antibiotics for about another week, and then will have her stitches removed.

The first night she was doped out, but in obvious pain. Finally she fell asleep. I called her "my crack-head Bichon" because she was so out of it. But when I awoke and looked at her back, I saw that she had scratched herself almost raw in a about a 2 inch area. Fortunately, her foot cannot reach the actual incision. I saw the raw spot at about 6am, an hour and a half before I could reach the vet. It was red and angry looking. So I reached for the A&D ointment -- the best solution I had at hand. She screamed when I touched the area. Literally screamed.

I reached the vet who said she had some spray that would help, and that I should tape a baby sock on her leg, so that she couldn't claw the skin.

I don't know where you live, but in my town it is not very easy to find a baby sock in white at 7.30 am. I called drugstores. Drugstores open at that hour had them in colors, not white.

I had a friend come over to watch Zoe while I went to the vet. Yet another friend went off in quest of white baby socks. Finally we all converged on the dog and got her socked up. Then we sprayed her. You might have thought we had gutted her. Turns out, from the scent of it -- the spray had an alcohol base. Of course she screamed. It must have hurt like hell to put alcohol on raw skin.

Nonetheless, whatever else was in it - steroids, I think -- seemed to bring some relief. At least the skin was not so red. Zoe didn't seem to mind the sock at all. She is used to getting dressed up --she had to wear coats in winter when she went out -- so maybe that helped her get used to the idea.

But after hearing her howl for a second time when I needed to spray her later that day, I called my vet again and told her that was not a good solution. She then recommended Gold Bond Medicated Powder, which has worked wonderfully. I do not have to touch the sore area, and it does not seem to irritate her when it goes on.

So, 5 days later she is still restless, still not very adventurous and still sore. I am babying her, but it is not possible to give her a big old cuddle because of her wound.

The dog has rendered me helpless. I want so badly to tell her why we did what we did, and that she will be better soon. But right now she is just puzzled and hesitant to be around me. She was a rescue dog, so I am afraid I may have to start the wooing process all over again. It just troubles me so much that after what she went through before I had her, that she has to go through pain now.


Blogger Jayne said...

Poor baby... you AND Zoe. :c( I can imagine it was heartbreaking to see her hurting. Glad the Gold Bond worked, and hope she'll feel much better, and on the mend soon. Hugs to you both.

9:04 PM  

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