Saturday, April 22, 2006

What next????

I love my godson, Matt. He is a 22 year old senior in college and a jazz musician. He lives in Philadelphia. I live in NJ not far from NYC. His Mom,Barb,and I are best friends and have known eachother since we were 19. We went to college and grad school together. Barb has three sisters and a brother. (This gets important later in the story. Just hold that thought for a second.)

Last night Matt arrived. I was taking him out for a late birthday present -- dinner and a jazz performance in NYC. There we were sitting at the Village Vanguard waiting for the set to start, chatting. I mentioned to him that many years ago when I lived in Denver, I used to spend a lot of time with jazz musicians, some of whom (these many years later) have gone on to more acclaim as musicians. I mentioned a few names. The moment I said one of them, Matt stopped me saying -- "HIM --you know HIM??? My music teachers have been telling me that I need to go hear him -- he is HUGE in the Philly jazz scene." yup, I know him. Haven't seen him for 20 years, but sure knew him and his wife "in the day". We are sitting at the table, marveling over the odd coincidence as Matt says -- "Oh my God -- that is my uncle over there!"

We look a few tables over and sure as heck -- there is Matt's uncle, Barbara's brother. He lives in North Caroline, but there he is in NYC at this jazz club.

What are the odds? We all sit down and just laugh and shake our heads at this odd event.

Flash forward to home. I am looking in the computer and find a website of my musician friend. Turns out he has a gig coming up not far from here - a benefit for hurricane victims -- I check out the details --- and who is one of the organizers? A former grad school colleague of Matt's Mom's and mine from Ohio. Someone who had no connection with Denver at all.

So OK, in case you have not been counting the 2 hours of coincidence:

1. Coincidence #1 - We discover that a former friend of mine from Denver 25 years ago is now a hot musician in my godson's town of Philly, and that my godson has been told to see him by his professors.

2. Coincidence #2 - Matt's uncle from North Carolina shows up in a small jazz club in NYC the very same night that Matt and I are there for an 11pm jazz set.

3. Coincidence #3 - My old Denver musician friend has a benefit gig coming up where one of the organizers is a former grad school colleague of Matt's Mom and mine.

I'm thinking I'd better go to that benefit.


Blogger samtzmom said...

Wow Mata! Yep, you'd best go as all the signs are certainly pointing you in that direction. What's that sound? Ah, the music from The Twilight Zone.... :c)

9:53 PM  

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