Friday, April 27, 2007

From RevGalBlogPals weekly Meme

Friday Five: What Are You...

1. Wearing: Black yoga pants, a coral tank top and a black cardigan sweatshirt thingie. Barefoot as usual.

2. Pondering: Finances, inflow and outgo. Ways to write more and get paid for it. Houses, houses, houses.

3. Reading: new blogs,, the almost-latest Alexander McCall ("Blue Shoes and Happiness")

4. Dreaming: Of finding "my" house, losing some weight, "dereaming" instead of housecleaning

5. Eating - a very cold and juicy orange


Blogger Songbird said...

Do you think more houses will come on the market in May? That's pretty common in this part of New England. I hope you'll find the right place soon!

8:48 PM  
Blogger Mata H said...

Song -- I am hoping ...part of the problem is that I am looking for something all on one level, and those are not so easy to find in New England -- plus I need something with no leakage problems, yard-room for a dog, 3 bdr, located in a place that does not have other homes cheek to jowl. I don't mind doing cosmetic work, but don't want to take on major construction. So we'll see. I am just going to work hard at offering this one up to God this week and getting my obsessive hands off of it.

Thanks much ...Mata

8:18 AM  

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