Saturday, May 10, 2008


There it was..a sign saying "LOBSTER TRUCKLOAD SALE $8.99/LB."

I drove by a few times before turning into the lot. Soon I was walking out with a cooking them and enjoying dipping them into melted butter.

I wouldn't butcher a cow myself for burgers, but I have managed to somehow delude myself into thinking that killing a lobster is not the same thing. I thanked them for their lives before putting them to sleep. There are two or three ways that are regarded as "humane" ways to deal with cooking a lobster --

1. "hypnotize it" first. To hypnotize a lobster, stand it on its head with its claws laid out in front of it and its tail curled inward. Rub your hand up and down the carapace making sure to rub between the eyes.

2. Cool the live lobster in the freezer for 20 minutes.Being cold blooded, chilling the lobster helps reduce nerve function and metabolic activity. When it is fully chilled, the lobster will stop moving. After chilling split it along its length where it has two chains of nerve ganglia, with interconnecting nerves along its body under the shell.

3. Pay about 4 grand for a CrustaStun lobster killing machine that zaps the lobster with electric impulses.

I loved the lobsters, as a native New Englander will. It brings back fond memories of outings with my folks, warm summers of my youth, meanderings on the beach in Maine. They were, quite honestly, yummy.


Blogger toujoursdan said...

When I was backpacking in Fiji I ended up at a restaurant where I ordered chicken. The cook brought several chickens and asked which one I wanted. I declined.

It may have a pea sized brain but I just don't want to make acquaintance with my meals. I am glad there are more humane ways to kill them though.

9:41 AM  
Blogger anywhere_Smile said...

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