Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just call me , "Detective Mata"

First, I am having keyboard problems and my 'period' key does not work so I will use dashes instead - sorry --

Well, another potential house bites the dust - I was looking at a lovely house on 5 acres of land in a rural town in the Berkshires -- Everything seemed perfect on the outside -- the land was forested -- There was a great barn, and a flawless fieldstone patio -- The home had bow windows overlooking a hill of trees, hardwood floors, a huge fireplace, and a giant living room-- AND the price was reasonable --

Then we checked out the basement, and saw three separate rooms all set up there -- Great, we thought -- Then we noticed the tables that were set up around the rim of each room, and the chains hanging from the ceiling above the tables -- the same was true in the barn -- Our young realtor said that maybe they were into 'horticulture' --

Now I am a child of the 60's-- I know a Pot Farm when I see one--

So, Nancy Drew characters that Sandy and I can both be, we sought out information --

The prior owner had only owned the home for 7 months -- Hmmmmmmmm

He was selling it for less than he paid for it --- Hmmmmmmmm

The home showed signs of 'sudden departure' -- one room was half painted with painters' tape still up -- Hmmmmmmm

One back door was missing a pane of glass -- Hmmmmmmm

His realtor said "the bank is handling this for him at his request" ----- Hmmmmmmm

Friends we know in that town told Sandy that one night state troopers blocked off the guy's driveway, and led him out in handcuffs -- HMMMMMMMMMMMMM

So, although I do not know anything for a 'fact' one can safely assume with reasonable probability that the prior owner might have been involved in some form of illicit commerce -- And, since folks in that line of work have been known to stash funds that they could come back for later -- well, I will pass on this dream home and get back in he hunt this weekend -- I don't need to be the old lady living in the remote dwelling formerly used as a Pot Farm -- I can just imagine the folks who might stop by for a visit!


Blogger Ginger said...

My, you have such adventures! This saga is turning into an epic....

The perfect little house must still be out there somewhere.

12:38 AM  
Blogger Jayne said...

How funny Mata... "the bank is handling this for him"... what nice bankers, hey? Goodness but you've had some intereting adventures.

6:25 AM  

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