Sunday, August 17, 2008

beautiful beautiful beautiful

There is a site that I have just read on the net --- called "Days With My Father" by Phillip Toledano. Toledano is a photographer whose 81 year old mother died recently, leaving him the only relative of his 98 year old father.I could describe the site, but I so much want you to see it, to experience its tenderness and sweetness that I will merely implore you to Click Here Please

(Once there, click on each image to advance to the next.)


Blogger Jayne said...

Wow, wow, wow. That was so very poignant. I have shared it with so many people who I knew would be as moved as I was. Thanks for sharing this link my friend.

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Wendy Erickson said...

Thanks for directing your readers to such a beautiful site. Wow!

6:06 PM  
Blogger anywhere_Smile said...

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