Saturday, August 16, 2008

Real Live Preacher is my new hero

OK I think Real Live Preacher has a verrrrrry fine blog -- I and about a zillion other folks. He is now my hero for a task he has taken on. He is challenging conventional and conservative notions about Hell, and is inviting people to disagree with him. Check it out!

He speaks of the belief in Hell as unending torment and adds

Now let’s make a turn and talk about something else. One thing is for sure - you wouldn’t believe in hell unless the Bible was so clear about it that you were left with no choice. No one really WANTS there to be a hell, right? Please tell me no one wants hell to be real. Because if you are the sort of person who likes the idea of hell, you might be the devil yourself. While conservative seminarians discuss whether or not the devil exists, liberal seminarians are discussing whether or not you really exist.

If you ask me, a person would have to be pretty sure of himself before he would tell people they were going to hell. If you say that hell exists, and it is for non-Christians, and it is fire, and it is forever, you better be sure of yourself. Because I can’t imagine a worse blasphemy if it’s not true. That would really make God angry, wouldn’t you think? You running around and ruining God’s reputation like that.

It’s funny - hell Christians always act like we who don’t think everyone is going to burn in hell are the ones taking a chance. “Uh oh, you’re getting liberal. Aren’t you afraid God is going to be really mad at you for not believing in hell?” Well, maybe. But if you’re wrong, you and people like you have trashed God’s reputation for 2,000 years.

I think I’ll take my chances with the liberals.

He issues a serious challenge for email discussions on the topica nd sets some serious ground rules. THIS is worth a read!!!

He closes by saying:

The last rule is for me. Serious responses will be treated with respect. I have no desire to laugh at anyone or poke fun. I’m in earnest. I want to know how you justify your beliefs. I will feel free to post anything that is sent to me, but I won’t use your name if you don’t want me to. If I’m not satisfied that you made a good case, I simply won’t post it. You’ll have to trust me on this.

Bring me your scriptures. I want to know the truth. I’ve been reading the New Testament, looking for the truth about hell. I’m still doing my study, but maybe you can help me. Serious cases made by a serious students of the New Testament will be posted here. And I’ll invite you to come by and converse with us in the comments if you like. Or if you wish to remain anonymous, that’s okay too.

I have my reasons for doing this. I think it’s high time we got this whole thing out in the open.

(and a tip of the mouse to Jayne at Journey Through Grace for telling me about this! Thanks!)


Blogger Jayne said...

I just love Gordon's absolute honest approach to all things theological. I can't wait to see what sort of replies he posts.

6:52 AM  
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