Thursday, July 31, 2008


Am I the only one who dreads opening the mail? it isn't because I expect bad news -- it is that I now expect something, anything, to be fff'd up beyond redemption. Example:

Today's mail:
A bill from EZ-Pass for $25.35. EZPass did not pick up my signal from my EZPass device when going thru a toll machine for 35 cents. It looked up my driver's license and sent me a bill for 35 cents plus a $25 fee. I had to call to straighten it out. No, they could not just charge my account the thirty five cents, as the account was in a different state than the toll.(WTF???) So I have to write out a check for thirty five cents. They will waive the $25. The stamp will cost more than the enclosed check is made out for. This took about a half hour to fix. Now they will have to process my check. I wonder how much it will eventually cost them to collect thirty five cents?

But the ail reflects a larger problem. Today I placed the following emergency call to the local police department:

Me: Hello. I have just driven over the XXX Bridge, going South. In the Northbound lane, with much surrounding traffic is a 60 year old African American man in a motorized wheelchair. The chair is stopped. His hands are in his lap, and his head is hung down. I am not sure if he is conscious.

PD Dispatch: And what is the man wearing?

Me: Wearing? I have no idea..pants, a shirt, shoes....

PD Dispatch : So you didn't pay attention to what he was wearing?

Me: Correct me if I am wrong here -- but in a largely white town of 30,000 people, there are probably not a lot of 60 year old African American men stalled in wheelchairs in the Northbound bridge lane. I'm guessing any one you find like that is going to be the guy I saw.

PD Dispatch: (Says they will dispatch a unit.)

Back to the mail:

The state I no longer live in has revoked my license (which I changed to a Mass. license in Feb) for not having my car insured in that state. (The car which has not been registered in that state since Feb.) I have written to them once about this. Now I will do so again.

Is it the moon? Is the combination of a failing school system and too much automation making the SNAFUs more frequent?

I now divide my mail into three piles:



Blogger Jayne said...

Oh Mata... I am sorry... forgive me for giggling! Yes, things like that make me want to pull my hair out too. I love your response to the dispatcher. And, your three mail piles are priceless. :c)

2:55 PM  

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